January 14, 2010


For over a thousand years, surfboards were carefully shaped solid pieces of wood, hand-hewn from logs. These boards were very heavy and the excess of weight limited their range of performance.

In 1929, Tom Blake created the first board built around an internal frame - this made boards a bit lighter. Within six years, half the boards on California’s beaches were of this “cigar-box” construction.

Grain’s boards are a natural blend of this traditional construction style with New England boat building craftsmanship.

The beauty of Grain Surfboards lies in the blend of local softwoods and the artful patterns naturally produced by the growth of the wood itself.

If you have the opportunity to travel to the coast of Maine, Grain Surfboards offers wooden surfboard building classes in York.

You’ll learn alongside the same builders that craft their custom wooden surfboards from locally grown, sustainable white cedar.
By the end of a Grain class, you will walk away with your own hand-built, wooden surfboard.

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