December 23, 2011


some last minute must haves :

Richard Babcock, the father of Pat Babcock Sorensen, was an architect who built furniture in his spare time. Tired of finding, hauling, displaying, watering and disposing of the bulky, needle-dropping, space-guzzling evergreen every Christmas, he came up with a simple and non-messy alternative to real Christmas trees. He designed two wooden trees - a life-size version that stands at 6 feet and suspends from the ceiling with a thin wire and a 3 foot tabletop version which uses a base stand for support. Both were designed to be easy to set up, take down and store compactly, making the trees are a smart and stylish alternative. Get your tree here

In the early 1900s, a Danish postal clerk came up with the idea of selling Christmas seals to raise money for children with tuberculosis. Over 100 years later, these “cinderella” (unofficial postage) stamps have become a worldwide holiday tradition. In 1962, Erik Petersen designed this sheet of Christmas seals, depicting the gamle håndværk (”old trades”) of Denmark.

We love the Nativity Set by house industries, an homage based on a Girard illustration that hangs in his son’s house. Made in the USA. Printed with child-safe non-toxic inks.

... and a modern gingerbread house. Glaedelig Jul to everybody!

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