May 30, 2012


Zoo by french designer Ionna Vautrin uses the many nuances of the "Hallingdal 65" fabric which is made by Kvadrat, in a series of bright, colorful, oversized pillows that appeal to children and adults alike. The zoo includes a toucan, a panda bear and a whale.

Find out more about the zoo here.

May 15, 2012


Craftsmanship as we love it!

Marc Russell founded Gull Lake Boat Works in 2008 to create custom-built canoes. Specifically cedar strip canoes.

Each craft is built individually as a wholly unique and exclusive vessel of distinction that unites form and function, beauty and utility.

I hope someday while travelling in Canada, we will have the opportunity to visit Marc's workshop.

May 13, 2012


Check out more awesome pictures on his website.

May 7, 2012


We love the speakers of Joon&Jung.
The idea for "the natural speaker" derived from the desire to create an absolutely unique, handcrafted speaker for the interior space. Whereas a lot of speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones, we felt the sound was kind of stuck inside the speakers, missing a natural vibe and ambiance. During the development of "the natural speaker" we discovered the great properties of porcelain as a speaker casing, providing a clear resonance and mellow sound.

Amplified inside the ceramic and wood transmission construction, the sound gains a slight echo, creating a natural feeling of resonance, resembling the distinct flair of an acoustic instrument right in front of you.

Each set of pieces is individually crafted by hand and each porcelain casing checked for best amplifying performance.

So if you value a balanced mid-tone sound and a speaker with a "feeling" for your music, find our more about "The Natural Speaker" here.

May 6, 2012


We love Vladimir Arkhipov's new compendium, published by Fuel design group and launched at Paul Smith in Milan. The Russian artist and collector criss-crossed Europe in the name of research, tracking down ordinary people who have addressed their basic household needs with extraordinary inventions, often involving bits and bobs of other, less essential household objects.

Many of these objects look like art, says Jeremy Deller, the Turner Prize-winning artist who wrote the book's foreward, but in actual fact art looks like, if not aspires to be like, these objects.