August 13, 2013


While visiting Samedan and St. Moritz friends of us told us about Ramon Zangger, a woodatelier who is also responsible woodwork in Norman Foster's Chesa Future building. We stopped by at the atelier this morning and completly fell in love with the precision and the perfect regard to details of their furniture. The furniture seems so close to our way of thinking in the Hansen Family. Thomas Faller, the atelier master showed us around, he is doing some pieces on his own which are amazing. We are so thrilled to have met such a wonderful atelier and to see them working in such a great spirit. It's such a great place to stop by!

Ramon Zangger
Surtuor 12


August 9, 2013

La Boite Concept X Providence

While we are stuck in paris, working on the new shopconcept for "La boite Concept", an amazing hifi system, our client teamed up with our friends from Providence in Guethary, to build a special edition version. We are awfully jealous and would have loved to be there! Bravo Antoine, Seb & Timothé !



We can't help ourselves, it always feels weird to see a surfshop in a city like paris, at least
2 hours away from the next wave. And it always makes you wonder if those you hang out
in these stores are real surfers or just nicely dressed hipsters who will not last 2 seconds on
a board. But Cuisse de grenouille is a beautiful spot, made by a young architect who tried
to rebuild a wooden wave inside the shops architecture. A simple and stunning idea, filled
up by beautiful objects and books by the team of Cuisse de grenouille.
Maybe you just need a place to dream of good waves, especially when you stuck with work
in the city, while your frends are already riding the waves in Hossegor.

Cuisse de Grenouille
5 rue Froissart, 75003 Paris