February 26, 2014


Bread from Scratch’ by Mirko Ihrig is a reaction to the fact that many people don’t know how food is made anymore. Fast foods and other kinds of processed industrial foods determine our daily life. Affected by our food system and our eating behaviour the knowledge of basic food production slowly disappears. Bread is one of our oldest foods and even today it is the most essential and universal one.

Bread from Scratch’ is a collection of six objects that are symbolic yet functional and in each case represent a stage in the process of bread baking. The collectionconsists of a mill to grind flour from grains, a jar to cultivate sourdough, a bowl to mix the ingredients, a board to knead the dough, a paddle to handle the loaves and an oven to bake the bread. By designing the objects and visualizing the process of baking, this project raises awareness to make people rethink what they eat, encourage them to produce foods them self and provoke discussions about food production, food consumption and eating behaviour.

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