September 29, 2014


Gesa met Malin on the shooting for the Esprit Campaign. Malin is the founder of "The Bread Exchange". Malin Elmlid was Head of Sales for the Danish cult fashion label Wood Wood, when she discovered her passion for baking. From then on out the born and raised Swede began to collect inspirations and recipes from bakers all over the planet. Without intending to, she created one of the most interesting Berlin food projects of recent years. Malin started to trade the breads she dind't need against anything that people would give her. A friend-of-a-friend of hers received a loaf in 2009 and as a thank you offered Elmlid a spare ticket to a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic. She started to wonder what else she might swap for bread. By now Malin and her bread travelled to countries like Afghanistan, her bread opened her the doors to families and their stories. Her book is designed in such a beautiful way, you have to read it. Go to Malin's website more!

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